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The Maker

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I am an independent luthier with 25 years of experience building handcrafted, flat top, classical, arch top and resonator guitars. The dialogue between musician and instrument maker is a principle that I place a high value on. My experience as a luthier combined with the individual needs of the musician will deliver a unique customized instrument as outcome.


The Build

Guitar Head

Using the best materials and traditional methods of construction which have been proven to stand the test of time, my instruments are of exceptional tone and beauty. Rather than the ruthless precision that is offered by industrial manufacturing, the human touch offers way more flexibility to complement with the flaw of natural materials like wood.

The Build

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The guitars I make are produced one by one in order to retain focus on the individual characteristics and needs, resulting in instruments that stand out in playability, clarity, sustain, tone and beauty. This way of working also allows me to have complete control and freedom in designing customized guitars.Every guitar I build is unique and every aspect of its design has a single purpose: making it an even better instrument.

I use pickups from companies who specialize exclusively in pickup design and manufacturing like Schertler, K&K, L.R. Baggs, Haeussel PU’s.

“Handcrafted one by one, for a unique sound”

Peter at work

Repair & Maintenance

Repaired Gibson Guitar Head

I execute all kinds of maintenance and repairs to both acoustic and electric fretted instruments. Most common maintenance tasks are refretting, fretboard levelling, bridge and saddle renewal, neck reset and general adjustment.

Besides that any kind of reparation on broken or vintage instruments can be done with the greatest care and respect for the original build.



Flat Top Guitar

As each instrument is individually handcrafted to the specific individual’s needs, The price of a given instrument will vary depending on the choice of materials used and custom options selected. For pricing on a specific instrument please contact me directly so that we can discuss the details of your instrument so I can work up a specific quote based on your needs.



Vol verwachting reed ik richting Schoondijke toen het bericht kwam dat mijn custom PDS Baritone gitaar klaar was en vanaf het eerste aangeslagen akkoord is de glimlach niet meer van mijn gezicht verdwenen. De rijke toon, de mooie boventonen, de vibratie tegen de buik en de geweldige bespeelbaarheid, ondanks dat het een Baritone is, blijven een feest, iedere keer als ik er op speel. Er is in samenspraak met Peter goed nagedacht over de gebruikte houtsoorten en het vakmanschap straalt er vanaf, ieder detail klopt. Ik heb dan ook een veel betere, mooiere gitaar dan ik vooraf had durven dromen en had ik al gezegd dat het een plaatje is om te zien? Maar dat spreekt voor zich voor een PDS.

Dennis Huige (Racoon webpage)

First, I known Peter de Smet has a great passion for the North American Music, so he is an excellent musician in Bluegrass and Country music... As a country/blues/ragtime and jazz musician,  it is essential to find the right luthier expert in this kind of music, and Peter is one of them... When I saw his guitars, I noticed the sobriety, beautiful and meticulous wood work, so when I started to play on the first one, the folk model,  I noticed immediately the sound was exactly at the same level of the wood work: bright, versatile, and deep. The right sound to play blues just as well bluegrass, celtic, ragtime swing or contemporary fingerstyles...

A fascinating sound for the passionate.

Michel Lelong (Webpage)

When I first saw my PDS DeSmet guitar, it was on display at his stand for the Brussels Guitar Show, 1996. It was a beautiful thing, and I just had to play it. It was plugged into a small amp Peter had brought with him, nothing special, no effects, yet it sounded wonderful. It felt so good in my hands, it was like meeting an old friend and shaking hands. I arranged to buy it, and asked Peter if this instrument had a “model” name. He said it didn’t, so I started calling it the NBS model ( No Bull Shit ). That is exactly what it is, pure craftsmanship, fine woods and great playability, very user friendly. Peter’s attention to detail is amazing. Even the smallest things are done with genuine care. Peter is a guitar MASTER !!

Since then my PDS axe has been with me all around Europe, and always gets attentive looks and comments. The tone just keeps getting better and better, and as the finish stars to age it gets even more beautiful.

Skip Heaton (JazzCatz webpage)

Ssssshttt... Don’t tell anyone that in a small village in southern Holland lives and works, and this already for many decades, one of the coolest, nicest, most exquisite, wonderful and utterworldly talented luthiers and stringend instrument restorers !!! He’s a gifted man and his Art & Craft is deeply respected amongst many !!!

Bruce E Bherman (Webpage)

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